There is a captivating essence to the sea. It is a world filled with beauty and wonder lying beneath its surface, a world not yet fully explored. Personally, the ocean is a place I call home. It ties me to my past and what used to be my everyday landscape. Now as an artist no longer living in the island of Puerto Rico I am trying to bring that aspect of what I call home into my personal space by creating it.

    Although I have worked with a variety of mediums I prefer the sculptural aspect of ceramics, especially the tactile peculiarity of working with clayWhile creating small intimate coral objects I explored the sense of touch, at the same time trying to understand the various forms and textures. Subsequently I transitioned into a larger scale of work, manipulating the clay in a more organic shape and juxtaposition of its surface treatment. This in turn has led me into working with installation. Upon incorporating my space to the public where they could walk through and around I am not solely just creating a coral piece but an environmentI am bringing my intimacy with the ocean to be experienced.